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11/12/97 Breeders
1997, "R", CX, DM, 92m
#ID3877AP, $34.99
10/22/97 Dark Planet
Albert Magnoli (dir.), Maria Ford, Harley Jane Kozak, Paul Mercurio, Ed O'Ross, Michael York
1996, "R", CX, DSS, 96m
#ID4118AP, $39.99
11/26/97 Jack Frost
Michael Clooney (dir.), Scott McDonald, Christopher Allport, Darren Campbell, Marcia Clark, Todd Conner, Zack Eginton, Shannon Elizabeth, Nathan Hague, Chip Heller, David S. Kaufman, Paul Keith, Rob LaBelle, Brian Leckner Jack Lindine, Stephen Mendel, F. William Parker, Kelly Jean Peters, Eileen Seeley, Charles C. Stevenson Jr., Richard Whiten, Harley Zumbrum
1996, "R", CX, DM, 89m
#ID4120AP, $34.99
10/29/97 Navajo Blues
Steven Bauer, Irene Bedard, Charlotte Lewis
1996, "R", CX, DSS, 99m
#ID4117AP, $39.99
postponed Origins of Film (silent)
Five-disc box set. Ten silent films inc. "The Narrow Road" (D.W. Griffith, 1912, 17m), "Alias Jimmy Valentine" (Maurice Tourner), "The Patchwork Girl of Oz" (1914, 81m, w/Hal Roach), "A Florida Enchantment" (1914, 63m). Also inc. 21 complete classics of early animation (1900-1921); a look at the work of Alice Guy-Blache and Lois Weber; "Within Our Gates" (1919), pioneering black filmmaker Oscar Micheaux's first film; "The Scar of Shame" (1926); and an early sound shot with Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake

1900-1926, "NR", CC, CX, DM, FF, 570m
#ID4135AP, $149.99
11/05/97 Strip Search
Rod Hewitt (dir.), Michael Paré, Caroline Neron, Pam Grier, Lucie Laurier, Mackenzie Gray, Heidi von Palleske, Maury Chaykin
1997, "R", CX, DSS, 90m
#ID4116AP, $34.99

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