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All AC-3 Dolby Digital titles require the use of a decoder to hear the AC-3 Dolby Digital tracks.
Viewers without AC-3 decoders can still listen to the regular digital tracks and the left analog track.
(The AC-3 signal is contained on the right analog track.)

All DTS titles require the use of a DTS decoder to hear the DTS tracks.
Viewers without DTS decoders can only listen to the analog tracks.
(The DTS signal is contained on the entire digital track.)
Note: A DTS decoder is necessary to get the best out of DTS discs. Viewers not planning on
purchasing a DTS decoder should definitely stick with regular or AC-3 Dolby Digital titles.

All titles, disc features, scheduled release dates and prices are subject to change.

11/25/97 Dragon Ball Z: The Movie
19??, "NR", in Japanese?, CC, DSS, DUB Eng?, FF, 50m
#TBA, $29.98
10/21/97 Tenchi Mûyo the Movie: Tenchi Muyo In Love!
Hiroshi Negishi (dir.)
Inc. theatrical trailer; bilingual disc -- digital: English / analog: Japanese
1996, "NR", in Japanese, AC-3, BI, CC, DSS, DUB English, LB, THX, 95m
#TBA, $29.98
11/18/97 Tenchi Universe Collection VII: TV Episodes #20-22
Hiroshi Negishi (dir.)
From the "Tenchi Muyo on Earth" TV Series. Inc. collectibles inside box.
1995, "NR", in Japanese, CAV, CC, CX, DS, DUB Eng, SUP, TV, 75m, #PILA?, $44.98
10/14/97 Wanderers: El Hazard TV #2: Water, Wind & Fire
Inc. collectible trading card (limited quantities)

199?, "NR", in Japanese, CC, CX, DSS, FF, TV, 100m
#TBA, $39.98

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