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TBA Battles of the World
Re-enacts ten of the world's pivotal battles through video, historic footage, 3D animation, maps, strategy explanation and comprehensive analysis. Famous confrontations inc. Austerlitz, Stalingrad and Kadesh are explore, while an interactive timeline provide a perspective on the entire history of war from 2750 B.C. to the present. A comprehensive database of nearly 3,000 articles is linked to the timeline.
Audio: ENG TBA / Subtitles: TBA
1997, "NR", FF, R:?, SL, ?s, ?m
TBA Digital Library
A powerful multimedia refernce resource consists of the popular Infopedia and Multipedia products which cover 30 reference works, including a 29-volume Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedia, Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster's Dictionary and the Hammond World Atlas. The reference works and multimedia elements are linked together through a custom designed, multiple-source reference engine that searches 20 hours of MPEG video and animations, hours of surround stereo sound, more than 10,000 photos and a massive database of more than 200,000 articles.
Audio: ENG stereo / Subtitles: TBA
1997, "NR", FF, R:?, SL, ?s, ?m
TBA Genius of Edison
Explores the life & inventions of Thomas Edison; inc. extensive historical film footage, animations, period music and rare original photographs.
Audio: ENG TBA / Subtitles: TBA
1997, "NR", FF, R:?, SL, ?s, ?m


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Last Updated: 01/31/98