Laser Rot's Reference System

or: What Equipment We Use To Review
DVDs and LaserDiscs!


Over the years, we've found that having a healthy audio-visual system goes a long way in ensuring that our laserdisc (and now DVD) reviews are completely accurate. We know that everyone has different systems, and results may vary depending upon yours, but in our quest for accuracy, we've tried to stay on top of things by improving our system slowly as the technology improved. We thought it was only fair to you, the reader. Anyway, just for your information, what follows represents the equipment (i.e. toys) we use on a daily basis to bring you that information. Additionally, while we aren't going to list the individual system setups for all our reviewers, rest assured that we do verify their findings using the Laser Rot standard system.


The Laser Rot Reference System Specs

  • Pioneer CLD-3070 laserdisc player
  • Pioneer CLD-5201 laserdisc player
  • Toshiba SD-3006 DVD player
  • Pioneer SDP-404K 40" rear projection set
  • Pioneer VSX-9700 A/V receiver w/Dolby Pro-Logic surround
  • Triad System Seven satellite speakers & subwoofer
  • AudioQuest Turquoise interconnect cables (for audio)
  • AudioQuest F-14 interconnect cables (for speakers)
  • Sonic Purity interconnect cables (for video)
  • Monster interconnect cables (for some audio & video stuff)
  • MacroSystems V-Lab Motion System (Amiga hardware/software editing & video capture system, so we can accurately measure aspect ratios)

  • Unfortunately, while we would love to be able to review the AC-3 sound present in newer laserdiscs and in DVDs, since we are a non-profit organization we really can't come close to affording the necessary upgrade equipment at this point in time. If by some chance you are involved in the audio-visual industry (*beware - plug coming*) and would be able to support our cause by donating an AC-3 system (either out of the kindness of your heart, or for review purposes), we would be forever in your debt and would be more than happy in giving your company a huge plug and thank you in these pages. Okay, we're finished whining now...

Originally Created: 04/28/97
Last Updated: 09/08/97