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Correspondents to Help Provided non-U.S. Disc Release Information


Laser Rot is looking for correspondents who would like to provide upcoming disc announcements and release information on titles from the folllwing countries:

  • French PAL
  • German PAL
  • Hong Kong NTSC
  • Japan NTSC
  • Taiwan NTSC

Unfortunately, while we had hoped to already provide this information online, most of our sources for this information have dried up just prior to our website debut. Apparently, release information for French, German and Taiwan titles are excessively difficult to come by, so we would appreciate any help on this matter. We are also looking for a new information provider for Hong Kong and Japan titles (ours went out of business).

While are specifically looking for official release sheets, copies, letter or e-mailed listing are acceptable. And of course, full-credit for your contributions will be given. Although we know that in many instances, only the title is available, we are looking for any other information that can be provided:

  • Studio / Distributor
  • Disc Title
  • Director
  • Stars
  • Listing of supplementary or special disc features (i.e., side 2: CAV, trailers, commentary, transfer infomation, etc.)
  • Year of Release
  • Rating (if known)
  • Disc features (i.e., closed-captioning, supplementary materials, table of contents, chapter encoding, CX, dubbing, subtitling, etc.)
  • Audio features (digital stereo, digital surround stereo, AC-3, DTS, mono, etc.)
  • Letterboxing (with aspect ratio, if listed)
  • Running Time
  • Catalog Number
  • Official Price (not in dollars, but the actual suggested retail price for the country in question (i.e. ¥, HK$ or whatever).
  • Release Date

Originally Created: 04/24/97
Last Updated: 04/24/97