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The Laserdisc FAQ

by Henrik "Leopold" Herranen

Reprinted by Permission of Author (thanks Leopold!)

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This page is maintained by Henrik 'Leopold' Herranen.


With his permission, I have used Timm Doolen's old FAQ as a basis for this FAQ. Doolen's article was again much based upon Bob Niland's very comprehensive articles on laserdisc technology.

Special thanks to Bob Niland (, whose work makes up a large portion of this FAQ.

Also thanks to David Uy (duy@unity.ncsu.ed), Phil Kim (, Michael Gebert (, Bill Cruce (, Ed Weiland (, Bob Morris ( and many more who contributed a substantial amount of material and input to this FAQ.

First published 95-10-01, last changed 97-05-25.

Last Changes:

  • 97-05-25: Slight changes to 16.1.5 (T2), 16.1.9 (Babylon 5 availablility) and 16.1.10 (Roger Rabbit discs).
  • 97-05-19: Removed some films from the "not available on laserdisc" section.


The FAQ is divided in four parts

In addition, I strongly recommend you read my article, "How Film Is Transferred to Video", which is available at my WWW page This article is also available locally at the Laser Rot site at

If you have any comments/questions/corrections, etc. about the FAQ itself, please e-mail me.

Also, if you see any additions that need to be made to the FAQ, I am entirely open to suggestions. From the start it has been a community process, and I hope even more people will get involved and contribute questions and answers to the FAQ. However, as Section III is already very near the magical 64 KB limit, it cannot grow without something else being taken away.


Henrik 'Leopold' Herranen

Compiled by Henrik Herranen and Timm Doolen
Compilation copyright 1995-96 Henrik Herranen (1994 Timm Doolen).
All Rights Reserved
Authors of individual contributions retain the respective copyrights
of the original works they are excerpted from.

I) Introduction to laserdisc

II) Hardware

III) Software

IV) Resources

Introduction -->



Originally Created: 04/16/97
Last Updated: 06/01/97